Licks & Lyrics – Kamara Thomas

Louise hosts the Licks & Lyrics radio show with musical guest Kamara Thomas!

Playlist includes:
Mitch Hayes – My Reflection
Hardworker – The Apathy Hymn
Bombadil – Honeymoon
Kamara Thomas – My Kentucky
Kamara Thomas LIVE – Don’t Fall in Love with Texas
Kamara Thomas LIVE – Oh Gallows
Kamara Thomas LIVE – Stranded in San Antone

Licks & Lyrics – Hank & Brendan

Louise hosts Licks & Lyrics radio show with Hank & Brendan.

Playlist recording starts mid-show due to technical difficulties but you gotta listen to these guys play “Snakes!”
Hank & Brendan LIVE – The Vault
Hank & Brendan LIVE – Rationalize
Hank & Brendan LIVE – Snakes
Hank & Brendan LIVE – Deep Space

Licks & Lyrics – Bob Funck, Spencer Scholes, Pete Pawsey

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics radio show with NC Songsmiths Bob Funck, Spencer Scholes and Pete Pawsey.

Playlist includes:
Watermelon Sugar – Republican Shocker
Matt Phillips – Little Frog
Kamara Thomas – You Wreck Me
Bob Funck…LIVE – The Bug
Pete Pawsey…LIVE – Breakfast at the Algonquin
Spencer Scholes…LIVE – Ain’t So Bad
Bob Funck…LIVE – I Want to Know
Pete Pawsey…LIVE – Dead Girl’s Shoes
Spencer Scholes…LIVE – Turn Around

Licks & Lyrics show

This time on the Licks & Lyrics show, Louise takes over WCOM radio airwaves with someĀ help from Allison. Playlist includes:

Kamara Thomas – You Call Everybody Baby
Mysti Mayhem – Figured Out Your Game
Michael Thompson – Song of Bells
The Old Ceremony – Poison Pen
Humble Tripe – November
Hammer No More The Fingers – I Fell Asleep
Honeychile – So Damn Good
Six Shots Later – No Doubt
Zoltar’s Fortune – Gloom Sunday
Emily Musolino – Mr. Smooth Talker
The Pneurotics – Sirens
Lizzy Ross Band – Somethingi I Lost
Michael Rank & Stag – This Town
Actual Persons Living or Dead – Dogtown Commons
Beloved Binge – Miso (I Don’t Like People)
Bombadil – Sad Birthday

Licks & Lyrics – Absent Boundaries

Louise hosts the Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Absent Boundaries.

Playlist includes:
Kamara Thomas – My Kentucky
Honeychile – So Damn Good
Bombadil – Love is Simply
Absent Boundaries – Eye of the Storm
Absent Boundaries LIVE – Half Full
Absent Boundaries – Seraphim Club Theme
Absent Boundaries LIVE – Where’s the Line?
Absent Boundaries – Solidarity
Absent Boundaries – The Vault

Licks & Lyrics with Six Shots Later

Louise hosts Licks & Lyrics with musical guests Six Shots Later. Playlist includes:
The Doran & Houghton Catalogue – Just Lately
jphone1 – Don’t Freak Out
Six Shots Later – Combo @2 with Gravy
Six Shots Later LIVE – No Doubt
Six Shots Later – Pomp and Circumstance featuring Ni-Gee
Six Shots Later – Speechless
Six Shots Later – Looking Good Tonight
Six Shots Later – The Twos

WCOM Licks & Lyrics – Mr. Darcy

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Mr. Darcy.

Playlist includes:
Kamara Thomas – “You Wreck Me”
Mr. Darcy LIVE – “Next June”
Mr. Darcy LIVE – “Last Night”
Mr. Darcy – “Love Is”
Mr. Darcy LIVE – “Santa Cruzin”
Six Shots Later – “Loser”