Licks & Lyrics show

This time on the Licks & Lyrics show, Louise takes over WCOM radio airwaves with some help from Allison. Playlist includes:

Kamara Thomas – You Call Everybody Baby
Mysti Mayhem – Figured Out Your Game
Michael Thompson – Song of Bells
The Old Ceremony – Poison Pen
Humble Tripe – November
Hammer No More The Fingers – I Fell Asleep
Honeychile – So Damn Good
Six Shots Later – No Doubt
Zoltar’s Fortune – Gloom Sunday
Emily Musolino – Mr. Smooth Talker
The Pneurotics – Sirens
Lizzy Ross Band – Somethingi I Lost
Michael Rank & Stag – This Town
Actual Persons Living or Dead – Dogtown Commons
Beloved Binge – Miso (I Don’t Like People)
Bombadil – Sad Birthday