WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with Zoltar’s Fortune

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guests Zoltar’s Fortune.

Playlist includes:
Mount Moriah – Lament
Milagro Saints – American Radio
Puritan Rodeo – Magic Suit Ball
Emily Musolino – Mr. Smooth Talker
Bearded Folk – You Treat Me Like I Ain’t Good Company
Mary Johnson Rockers – Beautiful Things
Zoltar’s Fortune – Turquoise Bracelets
Zoltar’s Fortune LIVE – The Basso
Zoltar’s Fortune LIVE – Two Guitars
Zoltar’s Fortune LIVE – Debosyon Vulgar
Zoltar’s Fortune LIVE – Cigarettes
Zoltar’s Fortune – Whistling Hora
Zoltar’s Fortune – No More Grey Haired Ladies For Me

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