Licks & Lyrics with Ike Fonntaine

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics featuring Ike Fontaine.

Playlist includes:


Hanging Out


White Christmas

My Inside

Someone Like You

Love Come Back

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Elayna Madden

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Elayna Madden.

Playlist includes:

Bombadil – Trip @ West
Mount Moriah – Lament
the Fair & the Foul – I was wrong
Lowland Hum – Noise of Day

Elayna Madden LIVE – I’m Just Fine
Elayna Madden – Take Me
Elayna Madden LIVE – Ha Ha, I know this would happen
Elayna Madden –┬áStuck
Elayna Madden LIVE – Freedumb
Elayna Madden LIVE- Handstands
Elayna Madden – What Now?
Elayna Madden – Interior Floral Design
Elayna Madden – Possessive

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Rob McHale

Louise hosts WCOM Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Rob McHale.

Playlist includes:

Elaynna Madden – Interior Floral Design

Bombadil – Angeline

Rob McHale – Surrounded Again (General Custer)

Rob McHale – Irons & Chains (Dred Scott)

Rob McHale – Castlebar Races

Rob McHale LIVE – Company Town

Rob McHale – Wishing Well

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Paula Snyder

Louise hosts Licks & Lyrics with musical guest Paula C. Snyder. Playlist includes:

Wes Collins – Chasing Hallelujah

Elayna Madden – Antacids

Mint Julip Jazz Band – If I Didn’t Care

Paula Snyder – Hazy Half Moon

Paula Snyder LIVE – Sweet 30s Blues

Paula Snyder LIVE – West Coast Home Again

Paula Snyder/Grandma Paula LIVE – Where’s the Cat?

Paula Snyder – Would Wait to Meet My Love

Paula Snyder LIVE – No More Green

Paula Snyder – A Quiet Love

Paula Snyder – Never Too Late

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Michael Daughtry

Louise hosts Licks & Lyrics with musical guest Michael Daughtry.

Playlist inludes:

Love Language – Faithbreaker

Bombadil – Isn’t it funny?

Michael Daughtry – Allelu

Michael Daughtry LIVE – Dynamite Love

Michael Daughtry – Feel Free

Michael Daughtry LIVE – Devil

Michael Daughtry LIVE – Lover

Michael Daughtry LIVE – Alibi

Michael Daughtry – That’s nice