WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Elayna Madden

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Elayna Madden.

Playlist includes:

Bombadil – Trip @ West
Mount Moriah – Lament
the Fair & the Foul – I was wrong
Lowland Hum – Noise of Day

Elayna Madden LIVE – I’m Just Fine
Elayna Madden – Take Me
Elayna Madden LIVE – Ha Ha, I know this would happen
Elayna Madden – Stuck
Elayna Madden LIVE – Freedumb
Elayna Madden LIVE- Handstands
Elayna Madden – What Now?
Elayna Madden – Interior Floral Design
Elayna Madden – Possessive

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