Licks & Lyrics with Chuck Champion

Louise hosts Licks & Lyrics radio show with musical guest Chuck Champion!

Playlist includes:
Kamara Thomas – My Kentucky
Hardworker – Born Homesick
Chuck Champion – Three Day Weekend
Chuck Champion – Baby’s in the Big House
Chuck Champion – I Don’t Care No More
Chuck Champion – It Could Happen
Chuck Champion – Twenty in My Pocket
Chuck Champion – She Takes My Money
Chuck Champion – King of Fools

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Ike Fontaine

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Ike Fontaine.

Playlist includes:

Louis Landry – Art of Transformation
Humble Tripe – Stones
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Take Me For
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Tricking Myself
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Oh My Love
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Miss Your Face
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Brooklyn
Ike Fontaine LIVE – My Inside
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Hanging Out
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Someone Like You

Licks & Lyrics with Ike Fonntaine

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics featuring Ike Fontaine.

Playlist includes:


Hanging Out


White Christmas

My Inside

Someone Like You

Love Come Back