WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Six Shots Later – July 2015

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guests Six Shots Later.
Playlist includes:

Hammer No More the Fingers – O.R.G.Y.
Honeychile – So Damn Good
Future Kings of Nowhere – Like a Staring Contest
Elayna Madden – Antacids
Six Shots Later – Looking Good Tonight
Six Shots Later LIVE – No Doubt
Six Shots Later LIVE – You Made It Personal
Six Shots Later – Loser

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Ike Fontaine

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Ike Fontaine.

Playlist includes:

Louis Landry – Art of Transformation
Humble Tripe – Stones
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Take Me For
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Tricking Myself
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Oh My Love
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Miss Your Face
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Brooklyn
Ike Fontaine LIVE – My Inside
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Hanging Out
Ike Fontaine LIVE – Someone Like You

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Absent Boundaries

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics with musical guest Absent Boundaries. 

Playlist includes:

Louis Landry – I Know a Guy
Humble Tripe
Absent Boundaries – Solidarity
Absent Boundaries LIVE – Half Full
Absent Boundaries – LIVE Senses
Absent Boundaries – Seraphin Club Theme
Absent Boundaries LIVE – Where’s the Line
Absent Boundaries – Desert Tears

WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics with Louis Landry – JJ & The Whale

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Louis Landry, who is joined by friends friends Donovan Cheatham, Vernon Dowdall and Shawn Luby, featuring the music of Louis Landry’s “JJ & The Whale.”

Playlist includes:

Chaquis Maliq – Calling My Shots
Hellblinki – Danger
Bearded Folk – Trouble Soon Be Over
Hearts & Daggars – Wreckage From My Hometown
Louie Landry LIVE – I Know a Guy
LL LIVE – Ride the Whale
LL LIVE – Nothing Nowhere NoOne Blues
LL – Ribs & Terrors
LL LIVE – Sunbound


Licks & Lyrics with Ike Fonntaine

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics featuring Ike Fontaine.

Playlist includes:


Hanging Out


White Christmas

My Inside

Someone Like You

Love Come Back

WCOM Licks & Lyrics with Elayna Madden

Louise hosts WCOM’s Licks & Lyrics show with musical guest Elayna Madden.

Playlist includes:

Bombadil – Trip @ West
Mount Moriah – Lament
the Fair & the Foul – I was wrong
Lowland Hum – Noise of Day

Elayna Madden LIVE – I’m Just Fine
Elayna Madden – Take Me
Elayna Madden LIVE – Ha Ha, I know this would happen
Elayna Madden – Stuck
Elayna Madden LIVE – Freedumb
Elayna Madden LIVE- Handstands
Elayna Madden – What Now?
Elayna Madden – Interior Floral Design
Elayna Madden – Possessive